Below you will find inspirational stories from people who have attended the Alpha course

Richard, USA

By the age of 25, Richard realised he was going too far. He was losing control. He started coming back to church to follow a girl and he realised he needed something more, so he signed up for Alpha. Find out what happened to Richard after he tried Alpha.

Beth, Wales

Alpha is a great oppertunity to find out more about the Christian faith. Have you tried alpha? Beth's youth was filled with worry about fitting in. She stopped her doing a lot of the things she enjoyed for fear they would be seen as uncool. Then one day, a friend invited her to try Alpha. This friend had everything Beth wanted: security, identity and acceptance. Find out what happened to Beth after she tried Alpha.

Krzysztof, Poland

Though Krzysztof grew up in a Catholic home, faith felt like the one thing that would rob him of what he enjoyed most in life. He began to develop a lot of unhealthy relationships and slowly he drifted away from his home and family.

Maggy, Malaysia

Maggy was living an exciting life as a radio DJ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, interviewing artists from all over the world. A friend sent her an invitation to try Alpha through Facebook and she decided to check it out. Though not a church-goer, what she found at Alpha surprised her.